Nursery children playing with musical instruments in the classroom

Choosing Long Daycare or Pre-School!

Nursery children playing with musical instruments in the classroom

The choice between long daycare or pre-school can be somewhat confusing. Below are some points to ponder to help you make the right choice for your children.

Long Daycare
Long daycare is based in a centre for children from 0 to 5 years old. The centre is specially designed to cater for parents and guardians who work on a full-time or part-time basis. The organisations who manage these centres are mainly private, community, local council, or occasionally non-profit.

These centres offer the best start in your child’s journey in education, social skills and ability to prepare them physically and mentally for school. The programs offer a variety of playing and learning alongside guidance from highly skilled staff and managers. They are very safe environments where children can play and relax.

Why choose Long Daycare?
Your child will have a fantastic experience exploring and learning new games and activities. They will develop close relationships with staff and children helping their confidence and social skills. They will also get valuable physical activity which is healthy for their development and overall health.

Great news is that the Australian Government is going to invest a whopping $40 Billion into early learning and childcare, and this includes all centres.

Pre-school is actually very similar to Daycare but offers a planned program two years prior to children going to school. They get the opportunity to develop literacy, numeracy, reading and writing skills as well as developing social and physical strength, before their real school program.

Whether you choose long daycare or pre-school for your child you are ultimately investing in their future regardless of what you choose.

The hours in most Pre-schools follow the same as their next real school so this can work out better for most parents and their working hours. There really is not much difference at all and to be honest any centre offering all the above is such a blessing for parents and the children alike. If all Australian children can start their education as young as 1 or 2 years old in daycare or pre-school we have bright futures ahead.

Contact us at Kidsoft to discuss centre start ups, training, or if you are taking over an existing centre. We have the best team in Australia at your finger tips with over 25 years experience.

Autistic boy smiling with book

Early Literacy and its Importance

Autistic boy smiling with book

The importance of early literacy is critical to prepare our young children for school. Strong literacy skills are so important for everyday life so by helping kids develop them early is essential. Good reading is the basis for all school subjects and more, so identifying any children who have problems at an early stage is critical. It is easy to tell the difference between kids who have been used to reading books and being read to. Here’s some tips from the Kidsoft team on how to easily get your children on the road to great literacy.

  • The next time you write a shopping list, fill in your diary, write a note or read the newspaper or TV listings, get them involved. New words everyday will help build up their vocabulary in no time.
  • When you are out shopping it is easy to find products that have the same letters as your child’s name. Start reading traffic signs out loud and get them to copy you. When you are doing household chores tell them what you are doing. Always have a word of the day. and build it up to words of the week.
  • Re-read books your child enjoys. If they like animals help them learn the names. Anything from flowers through to vehicles will interest boys and girls you just need to find the topics they are most interested in.
  • Nursery rhymes are fun and lively and really capture young children’s attention. Show them pictures that are associated with each rhyme and they will soon be able to identify them.
  • Get out and about with your child whether it is to the park or on a shopping trip. Point out all things along the way and get them to draw pictures of what you have told them and seen.
  • Rhyming words are a great way to build their vocabulary and literacy. You could even try some simple gap fills with them.
  • Start them off early on all the different jobs in the world from an astronaut through to a doctor. There’s lots of things to associate a job by its uniform, products or even by machinery i.e. farmer.
Woman and man smiling, business

Childcare Management Craves Experience and Knowledge

Woman and man smiling, business

Childcare management is not an easy task. Especially in Australia, the childcare sector has become heavily regulated with State and Federal legislation and standards. The reforms of child-staff ratios and increased education for childcare workers will transform the industry. In the past, it has been easy for inexperienced investors to invest in the childcare industry and enjoy the benefits. However, nowadays, the industry has become more competitive and with that, independent people and organisations find it harder to enter the industry. That does not mean it’s impossible to set up a solid business based on your passion. However, we believe it necessary to have professionals to guide you along a successful path towards establishing your business.

In a complex industry such as childcare, it is vital to have experienced professionals dedicated to addressing childcare management issues. Childcare management pertains to the process of providing guidance, support, and help to the childcare centre which helps to establish the business firmly into the industry. The help of childcare management professionals to handle the task of implementing the National Standards is one factor that requires some change management within childcare. Childcare management is an important factor in assisting a childcare business to succeed and ensuring quality service; the result is a solid business model.

A good childcare management team evolves to address the continuously changing needs and demands of the childcare industry to ensure that the company follows modern standards, conventions, and practices to adapt to the changing times. Childcare management in Australia is experiencing rapid change, and this is because of innovations and directions like the National Standards. It is vital, therefore, to ensure that all childcare facilities are updated with the proper knowledge, so implementation of the new standards causes little disturbance to the business.

Both experience and knowledge are vital in childcare management; Kidsoft has been providing professional childcare services for the last 25 years. We have the knowledge; expertise and experience to help you quickly implement value-add systems, allowing your business to achieve its goals and deliver a high level of service. Let us help you grow your business! 

Mother and baby with laptop

A Preview of our Unique Cloud Based CCMS

Mother and baby with laptop

The team at Kidsoft are forever working towards extending children’s learning capabilities and have a unique cloud based CCMS that allows you as a business and as a parent, to work together in achieving the most for children in their early learning years and onwards. Below are three fantastic add-ons to the Kidsoft product and a little information about each.

Is the perfect solution for busy parents who are juggling jobs with children, especially when occasionally that usual well organised daily routine doesn’t go to plan. We understand parents and guardians and the challenges, which is why we are offering iParentPortal where guardians can make payments, make bookings, change bookings, and also view all the documents of their account. Another advantage is that feedback and notifications will also be available. iParentPortal will soon be available on Android and Apple platforms to ensure your guardians have an easier life, keeping them in constant touch with their childcare service on the go.

The amalgamation of iDebitPro and Kidsoft is aimed towards small to large businesses in Australia. This permits payments to be made through either a direct debit process from a debit or credit card, bank account, or BPAY with adaptable schedules. Our team is devoted to making sure all your business transactions are stress free, at the lowest possible cost. You can be rest assured you will have the best service and support.

Storypark is the top communications platform in Australia for families to be involved in enhancing and improving the education of their children. It engages parents to become part of their child’s development and ongoing education. All the leading educators in Australia are using Storypark which includes; ECMS, Affinity Education, KU Children’s Services, Goodstart, and Guardian Early Learning.

As a Kidsoft customer, we’re proud also to offer you an exclusive discount see here for all the details and more about our cloud based CCMS.