Two girls playing with toys

Early Learning Solutions

Two girls playing with toys

A child’s early education is all about preparing them for the future. At Kidsoft we have a wealth of experience and offer all early learning solutions from new centre start up, consulting, management and up to date knowledge of all legalities. This time in a child’s life has a huge impact and can offer very positive experiences which helps their brain develop in a healthy way. Children love routine and it is proven that kids in pre-school learn how to do things for themselves much earlier than those who don’t.

The statistics for 2014 showed nearly 310,000 children under 5 years old enrolled into a nursery school in Australia. This year it’s going to be higher.

Here at Kidsoft we can help you launch your new venture, help you take over an existing one, help with staff training, regulations, budgets and management. Our success is down to more than 20 years experience, in Australia there is no team like it for wealth of knowledge. We structure your business to help it be a success for all concerned.

Our success is definitely down to the high caliber of people we assign to a project. We offer credible solutions and development to help you run your centre professionally. Our business management sector are fully updated in the National Quality Framework and legal procedures. We also have fully trained people in child care benefits. We are passionate about what we do and love bringing something amazing to our Australian children.

Girl blowing bubbles

The Best Outdoor Games Ever

Girl blowing bubbles

Never be stuck for something to do with the kids at nursery with these proven best outdoor games ever. Now we are getting into summer we’ll be outside a lot more, so below we’ve listed what we surveyed to be the best.

The caterpillar game is a great way to get them using their energy and is so easy to create. Simply draw a big circle of around a metre across with a face and of course the antennae, then draw at least another 10 attached to it. The caterpillar then becomes a race circuit, a challenging bunny hop playground and a leaping game. Get the children in a competitive mood by organising races. If you use different coloured chalk for each circle then shout out the colours so they have to jump on that particular one. Hours of fun and some pretty tired children.

The ‘play sneaky bear‘ is a fun game and especially gets children thinking. Get three different objects like a doll, a toy car, teddy bear and a blanket. Choose one of the children to pretend to go to sleep under the blanket then get another to take one object away and hide it. Sleepy head is then shouted ‘wake up’ and has to guess which object is missing. All the children can take a turn at this plus you can turn it into a hunt the missing object game as well.

Create an obstacle course and get them using those large motor skills. You can set them tasks like throw a ball into a bucket, hop down your caterpillar, kick a ball between two things, create a jump spot, touch a particular spot. You really can do anything with this, and actually get them into a relay. This is great aerobic exercise to get their hearts pumping.

Create huge bubbles by making your own solution. You need a gallon of warm water, a cup size of washing up liquid, 3 spoons of glycerine and a flat tray like an oblong cake tin or big bucket. Make your bubble wand out of a wire coat hanger, pipe cleaner or anything mouldable. Teach the kids to place it in the solution but to slowly lift it out and gently blow to create huge bubbles. Sometimes they will just appear on their own. Glycerin is the secret and can be bought from any pharmacy. Beautiful and this creates a sense of magic.

A modern young girl sits on a white floor and use a laptop.

Child Care Management Software

A modern young girl sits on a white floor and use a laptop.

With the many opportunities offered by today’s technology, turning to a comprehensive software solution for a smoother-running childcare business makes good sense. There are many solutions out there, but not all are truly equipped to deliver the right tools and resources – and some are more costly and difficult to use than others. Among the Australian selection of CCMS offerings Kidsoft is quickly becoming a preferred choice.

“We’ve made it easy and hassle-free as possible to get started with Kidsoft, an experience you’ll be able to continue as your business grows.”

Clients who are new to Kidsoft are able to take advantage of our pre-transition testing environment, which can be complemented with full data to make the transition itself easy and minimally disruptive for business. Kidsoft is also pleased to offer a single source of services and accountability, meaning clients are never left with third-party black holes, unanswered questions, or other common problems. We’ve designed the Kidsoft solution to be as flexible as possible, ensuring that it can grow with childcare businesses to take on greater client numbers and other operational requirements.

One of the most attractive aspects of Kidsoft for many of our customers is our lower overall cost of ownership. You can allocate more funds to the areas of your business that need them. And while we charge significantly less than competitors, we’re serious about security. Our multiple redundant servers prevent data loss while our solid security practices keep data visible only to you. All with a very low reliance on technical expertise and experience for proper use, these benefits have helped make Kidsoft the right choice for many Australian childcare companies.

Young girl playing with educational toys

Easy Transition to Daycare or to School

Young girl playing with educational toys

Many parents in Australia stress about the easy transition into nursery or pre-school as their children get ready for their first step towards their education life. Kidsoft have years of experience in early learning and can offer the assurance that any centre where they have been involved with training staff, choosing staff or whole set up will have the experience to deal with this easily.

Beginning their school journey can be stressful for children as well as parents. Some children will find that they are intimidated by new buildings, being with children who they don’t know and as well new boundaries. This time lays the foundation for a successful learning process.

We feel it is important for parents to start to build relationships with the staff and management at the centres. Some children will adjust better than others and this is why parents and teachers need to be close. To help with this we advise centres and schools to have visit days where the children and parents can get to know the school, what facilities it has and also get familiar.

It’s also a good opportunity for parents to get to know the teachers and ask any questions or discuss problems they think their children may have.

The trick is to build up their confidence and actually look forward to going. They need to chat about it in a positive and happy way. Parents can help here by developing interesting aspects of their own experiences or those of older siblings. Turn the conversations into a healthy habit.

We cannot stress how important it is for teachers and parents to collaborate. For example if there’s difficult situations at home, or your child has some health issues. It’s always important to keep communicating about the children’s work, what’s coming up and for parents to encourage children to talk about their experiences at nursery or school.

It’s all about encouragement and working as a team until they are settled and on their educational journey brimming with confidence.